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DealerRater logo
DealerRater Feb 18, 2017

Positive, friendly atmosphere. Felt welcomed and not rushed! Great deals for any vehicle purchased! I will be a returning customer anytime! Want divinity, Honda is the place to go.

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Facebook logo
Facebook Feb 16, 2017

Kelly at Walla Walla Valley Honda is a fantastic guest advocate, and really makes sure things get done.

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Google logo
Google Feb 15, 2017

I would like to thank Mark Waldrop for doing something for me that was extraordinarily beyond his being an excellent salesman in helping me buy my new Honda CR-V. Due to several days of bad weather this Winter, and my not driving the car, the battery had died. Mark took his lunch hour to drive out to my very muddy farm house, and with his personal battery jumper and got the car started. This kind an generous act long after I purchased a new car make Walla Walla Honda way above the norm. I also really appreciate their free car wash with purchase of a new car. What a delight! Thank you, Mark!

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Yelp logo
Yelp Feb 13, 2017

one of the easiest car buying experiences I have had. Will be sure to buy from them in the future. Thanks Ben Wentz 🙂

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Google logo
Google Feb 7, 2017
Cars logo
Cars Jan 29, 2017

I have an appointment with Kelly Eagle and several others for a tiny bit of possible work on my 2011 Toyota Camry LE that I fully expect to purchase tomorrow (Monday, January 30th, 2017. Should I not do so, I will update this review or write another stating so..,.and why....but I feel confident that doing that will not be necessary). From the beginning, I was quite picky and really wanted to take my time, do research, not jump or make any hasty decisions and get the car purchase deal I wanted. "Kelly" and the other personal there were very understanding and patient with me. Thank you! She even introduced me to key people - the owner, head mechanic and many others - who all assured me that they did business like I remember businesses doing and being in the past - with honesty, integrity and placing the customer (and their happiness and well-being) first. Sometimes I need to put myself in each of WWVH's emplyees shoes and really find out "where they are coming from". as well as all of them sincerely doing that with me. And I really believe they did do just that for me! Finally, after 5 days of thinking and researching, I just felt deep in my heart that this car was for me! It had "my name" on it, so to speak! Kelly told me she thought that car was for me right from the beginning and first saw the car! Finally, when I called her again and asked if the car was still there, I was so glad to find out that it still was - and still was available for me to purchase!!! I've had "a peace in my heart" about it for the entire 5 days (but didn't believe it myself - I thought it was just my own wishful thinking), and feel that it will be a car purchase that will be far better than any other one I dreamed possible! I was really concerned that someone may have come along and purchased it right on the spot! Because Kelly had previously told me that many people were calling and coming there to see it! She had almost sold it to someone just before I came in the first time to I saw it. I am really looking forward to purchasing and receiving this beautiful Toyota Camry LE, but am trying not to rush or be in a hurry. I know wonderful new "things" can never satisfy "the inside" of anyone, but they sure are nice to have and enjoy! Thank you Walla Walla Valley Honda! Kelly and everyone else involved! I really appreciate, respect and trust you, and look forward to many years ahead regarding your service on my present car I'm purchasing, as well as many, many years to come! God Bless you all. Sincerely John A. Jones Walla Walla, WA

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Edmunds logo
Edmunds Jan 23, 2017

Excellent car buying experience - This was an excellent car buying experience! Absolutely no high pressure sales. They listened to what we had to say, what our vehicle requirements were and then provided knowledgable information on their product. This was overall the best car-buying experience. Everyone was very friendly and helpful!

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Google logo
Google Jan 23, 2017

no pressure, straight forward, and no games, I would absolutely buy from them again!

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Google logo
Google Jan 18, 2017

Good service. Very professional as expected from Honda!They also print out a nice report that explains everything they think you need to have done. Very informative!

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Edmunds logo
Edmunds Jan 13, 2017

Switched out my Murano - Mark Waldrop done a wonderful job helping me pick a new vehicle to replace my Nissan Murano. My whole experience here at Honda was brilliant. Best dealership in town, I look forward to coming back. Mark is a real genuine and honest guy.

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