What to Look for When Checking Out a Used Car

Shopping for the right used vehicle can take time, and the experts at Walla Walla Valley Honda have developed this quick guide on checking out used cars for our customers. Here’s what you should do before taking home a used car:

1. Inspect the Exterior: Park the vehicle on a flat surface to check its tires and the way it sits so that you can detect issues with suspension. Look over the paint for any dents, aftermarket paintwork, scratches, bubbles, or rust. Be sure to look at the frame if you can, since a bent or damaged frame is a sign that the vehicle was in an accident.

2. Examine under the Hood: Be on the lookout for any signs that might indicate the car was not taken care of properly, such as excess damage, stains, rust spots, or holes. Go over all belts and hoses for signs of cracking or leakage.

3.  Check inside the Car: The first thing to check in a vehicle’s cabin is the condition of all the seats. Take note of any stains, rips, or other forms of damage to the upholstery. Next, test regular functions like headlights, sensors, audio, AC, and other features when the car is not moving.

4. Take the Vehicle For a Drive: A test drive is one of the best ways to determine if a vehicle is in the right condition for you. Acceleration and braking should be smooth. If you hear any strange sounds or squealing, this could mean bad news.

5. Gather Information: Go over the vehicle history and service report of a used car before buying it. This will give you a better idea of how the previous owner treated the vehicle overall.

With these simple steps in mind, drive over to Walla Walla Valley Honda in College Place and start shopping for used cars today. Every pre-owned vehicle in stock has been inspected for the utmost in quality assurance. You can visit our dealership at 1240 SE Commercial Drive in College Place to browse our inventory. Contact us at 509-593-4868 if you have any questions.


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