Not only is the 2017 Honda Fit one of the most efficient and best-equipped cars in its class, the 2017 Honda Fit Magic Seat takes its 95.7 cubic feet of passenger space and lets College Place and Kennewick, WA drivers do whatever they want with it. Four different configurations bring versatile cargo space and comfortable seating to the Fit cabin and earn the Magic Seat its name.

Four Magic Seat® Options

It usually only takes one or two attempts at loading a large object into the back of a small car before giving up, but the 2017 Honda Fit is no ordinary hatchback. While other vehicles might have a rear seat that folds down – they might even have a rear seat that folds in two separate parts – they don’t come close to the options offered by the 2017 Honda Fit Magic Seat.

These four configurations are why the Fit’s rear seat earned the “Magic Seat®” name:

  • Utility Mode: Fold down the entire rear seat to expand the rear storage area and accommodate as much as 52 cubic feet of cargo.
  • Long Mode: Long items like surfboards and ladders are a piece of cake in a Fit; just fold down the passenger side seats, front and rear.
  • Tall Mode: Tall plants and large flat screen TVs have a tough time in an average car, but the Magic Seat also folds the seat bottom up so you can rest tall cargo on the rear floor with up to four feet of vertical space.
  • Refresh Mode: This Magic Seat mode is just for you. Pull over, fold the front seats down, and recline in the back to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The days of fighting for space with your car have come to an end with the Honda Magic Seat.

See the Magic Seat in Person

It’s hard to believe the 2017 Honda Fit Magic Seat is as versatile as it is until you see it in action. So visit Walla Walla Valley Honda today to take a Fit for a test drive; we’ll show you all the configurations of the Magic Seat. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about the Honda Fit, ask us about the crossover’s solid fuel economy ratings!

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