Selling a vehicle can be a difficult and lengthy process. There’s so much to think about, and we know our College Place and Kennewick customers are looking for some help, so we’ve put together these quick and easy tips on how to sell your car.

1.   Gather Information

There’s a lot of information that will be required by the buyer when you sell your car. Make sure you gather all the correct information and paperwork, including the car’s title, service records, original sales documents, year/make/model, current mileage, and the features that make it unique. Features may include a power moonroof, AWD, or heated seats. Service records are also crucial, as it can show a potential buyer that you took good care of the vehicle and it is in good working order.

2.   Determine the Resale Value

Get a ball park of what you want to get paid for your vehicle by doing some research online of similar vehicles and look around College Place and Kennewick for similar vehicles for sale. Also, make sure you have reconditioned your vehicle to maximize your resale value. Lights, windshield cracks, brakes, and dents are all inexpensive things that can be fixed easily and will make a huge difference in the overall appearance. It can also be helpful to value your trade-in online.

3.   Find the Right Buyer

You’ll no doubt get a lot of potential buyers that are eager to take a look at your vehicle, but some of them may not be reliable, and it is therefore important to find the right buyer. Before setting up a test drive, ask for the person’s full name, clarify which forms of payment are acceptable to you, and ask where they are located. This is one of the biggest reasons why selling your vehicle to a dealership is usually preferable — it’s also more convenient!

Find Out More About Selling Your Car in College Place and Kennewick

Our expert sales team can help you with your trade-in or give you advice about selling your vehicle. For more information, call us at 509-593-4769 or send us a message online. We look forward to serving our customers from College Place and Kennewick soon, so visit us today!

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