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There are always some interesting beliefs floating around out there. When it comes to cars there are any number of ridiculous things. From filling your car with jet fuel makes it go faster (it doesn’t), to hiding behind a car will protect you from gunfire…here are 5 car myths debunked.


1. Manual transmissions offer better fuel economy than automatics.

Maybe in the past…but the advantages of manual transmissions have been equalized and even eliminated in some cases as automatic and CVT technology becomes more advanced.

2. A bullet to a car’s gas tank will lead to a big explosion.

If you ever dreamed about firing a gun into you adversaries gas tank to make their ride explode as they try and getaway…well you might have to rethink that.

Discovery’s “Mythbusters” proved that in real life, bullets go right through the tank— without fire. Meaning there’s no explosion, since there is no ignition.

3. Using your cell phone while pumping gas can trigger an explosion.

I think we have all at least heard this one. A frightened parent scolding you about being anywhere near your phone when at the pump for fear of going down in a fiery blaze of glory…

Good thing  that when the Federal Communications Commission investigated the idea that a wireless signal can ignite fuel vapors, they concluded: “There is no documented incident where the use of a wireless phone was found to cause a fire or explosion at a gas station,” and “scientific testing, however, has not established a dangerous link between wireless phones and fuel vapors.”

4. Red cars are pulled over for speeding more often than non-red cars.

According to a study by USA Today, the most-ticketed car is the Subaru WRX. About one out of every three Drivers (33.6%) of the model reported getting a citation. The most-ticketed overall brand by percentage was Scion.

5. A dirty car is more fuel efficient than a clean one.

It might seem silly, but it was enough for Mythbusters to check this one out. They found that dirt particles create more drag — and can reduce fuel economy by 10%.

Good thing we offer complimentary car washes, huh?

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  • Ashly says:

    It will be surprising if anyone could still be believing 4 and 5 myths. Most of the consumers are more intelligent than ever nowadays. I have experienced that most of the car owners do their research before purchasing the vehicle, which makes them aware of all the risks and myths attached to that, However, first three could really be mythbusters for many. This is a nice share.