We’re Hiring the Extraordinary!

We are looking for extraordinary people to help us build a fun, energetic team to care for our customers.

A few things you need to know about all of these positions:

  1. We hire for character, and will train for skill. We will provide lots of training, so come willing to learn.
  2. Dedication and drive mean more to us than experience. We can provide the tools and training you need to succeed, but we cannot provide drive and dedication – you have to bring that to the table to be part of our team.
  3. Having years of dealership experience is not necessarily a plus. We are serious about selling and servicing cars in the most customer centric kinds of ways and thus you will find we do things very different than traditional dealerships. Our team members must be dedicated to our training and be willing to execute our process.
  4. We have tons of energy and we expect you to keep up. Walla Walla Honda isn’t a country club, we work hard and play hard to be successful so you better eat your wheaties and come with lots of energy.