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College Place and Kennewick drivers should learn the most common mistakes when shopping for used cars before they start looking. Luckily enough, we’ve written a quick list of the five most frequently made errors — just read this quick and easy guide to ensure you don’t make them yourself when shopping for used cars in College Place.

Not Researching Properly

It’s easy to assume which model you’re after simply because it’s the one you’ve driven before or the most popular one in the segment. However, taking just a few hours to have a more comprehensive look at what’s out there is always advantageous. Ask yourself exactly what you’re looking for and you’re likely to find exactly that.

Not Researching Prices

Keeping your own requirements in mind will ensure that you don’t pick up a model that doesn’t entirely suit you, but buyers should also remember to research prices. A quick look online is enough to see what people are paying for a particular model in your area.

Failing to Stay Within Budget

Staying within your budget can be tricky, especially when it’s only a few extra dollars each month. However, those costs can add up, so make sure you stick to your top-end limit. Additionally, don’t forget to take the cost of insurance into context — it will be a lot more for a sporty two-door than for a family sedan.

Not Checking the Tires

This is almost certainly the most common mistake made when shopping for used cars. Be wary of those that are more than five years old, since this is when manufacturers typically recommend replacement. As well as the tread, look for the four-digit number on the sidewall that will indicate the week and year of the tire’s production.

Buying “Certified Pre-Owned” from a Private Seller

Certified Pre-Owned programs combine the perks of buying new with the affordability of buying used, so they make a fantastic choice. However, keep in mind that, for example, only Honda can certify a pre-owned Honda. If you want a Certified Pre-Owned model, never go to a private seller.

Walla Walla Valley Honda Offers a Stunning Range of Used Cars

At Walla Walla Valley, we’ll make sure that you find the right used car. If you require further advice, just contact one of our team members today.

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