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With the season of giving settling in, now is the best time to purchase a vehicle.  At least according to Time magazine. If you are in the market for a new car, be it for yourself or a family member, December is likely the best time to strike with the best deal.  Why, one may ask? Most brands are looking to liquidate their previous year models to make room for the next year.  This means the savings are passed along to you.

According to, “buyers receive an average 7.7% off MSRP [in December] vs. 6.8% in January.” This is a savings of about $300 for the average buyer.

Happy Honda Days

Happy Honda Days!

That said, it is the perfect time to shop Walla Walla Valley Honda’s inventory. With Happy Honda Days going on now, you get incredible savings on 2017 models. Plus, if you plan on trading in your vehicle in a few years, our Honda retains their value better than most brands.  As of 2016, the Honda Civic has appeared on Edmunds Retained Value list four times since 2011, making it the best non-luxury sedan in terms of resale value! While other brands depreciate in value over 5 years by 60%, the Civic only saw a 35% decline. 

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