Any College Place and Kennewick drivers asking “Do I need a second car?” are definitely not alone, so here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons. There is plenty to say in favor of the idea, but you’ll need to weigh those benefits against the drawbacks in order to reach the right decision.

The Benefits of a Second Car

A huge percentage of American families keep two cars instead of one; in fact, many possess more than two. That’s no coincidence, with a long list of benefits coming along with that second engine.

The most obvious is that you’ll never have to compete with your partner for use of the vehicle. If you both work, having a second car can be all but essential. It’s even more convenient if you have kids, especially if you don’t live in the city, since they will be able to take one car in the evening without robbing you of transportation.

Additionally, having a second car prevents you from being at a loss if one car is damaged. You can even indulge different tastes. If you need a larger model to take the whole family but have always fancied a sporty two-seater, you’re free to have both without meeting in the middle with a sedan.

The Drawbacks of a Second Car

Of course, a second car isn’t without its drawbacks, and the most immediate is cost. In addition to the price of the vehicle, you’ll need to think about extra gas and possibly added insurance costs.

The money really adds up over the year, so think about whether there’s something else you’d much rather spend it on. After all, arranging schedules to avoid the need for a second car isn’t too hard. You can always rent a second car for a day or two if you find yourself in a situation where one is truly necessary.

Find Your Ideal Second Car at Walla Walla Valley Honda

If you do decide to pick up a second car, try looking for a used model — you’ll enjoy the benefits without having to swallow the added costs of a brand-new vehicle. We have a whole bunch available here at Walla Walla Valley Honda in College Place, W, so feel free to drop by our showroom to take a look.

And remember: our sales team doesn’t work on commission, so they’ll never pressure you to buy a car you can’t afford.

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