Ever wondered how to change your oil? You don’t need to be an auto mechanic to handle this job. It’s not difficult, and it can be a more convenient, less expensive solution for handling this important maintenance chore.

What You Need

  • Engine Oil – Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for specific type, weight, and viscosity of oil for your vehicle.
  • Oil Filter – Check your manual to see what your recommended oil change intervals are, and then purchase a filter that’s rated for that distance.
  • Oil Filter Gasket
  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • Funnel
  • Oil Pan
  • Container for Used Oil

You’ll also need some items that you probably already have on hand – a rubber mallet, safety glasses, wrenches, plastic sheeting, and rags.


  • Position your vehicle – Park your car over top of a large piece of plastic sheeting. Use the jack and jack stands to raise up and support your car.
  • Replace the Filter – Smear fresh oil on the gasket of the new filter, and then get under the car. Unscrew the drain plug, then quickly move it out of the way of the old oil coming out. Remove the old oil filter and replace it with the new filter, tightening it by hand instead of with a wrench. Make sure the rubber gasket comes off with it.
  • Install the New Gasket – Wait until the old, dirty oil is finished trickling out. If necessary, put a new gasket on the plug. Be sure to tighten it carefully by tapping the mallet on the box-end wrench. Wipe up any drips with a rag.
  • Add New Oil – Raise your car’s hood, and refill the engine with fresh oil. Use a funnel, and go slowly, being careful to keep count of how much you’re adding. Start the engine, and keep it running until the oil light on the dash goes out. Wait about five minutes, and then check the dipstick to see if you need to add more oil.

Bring it in!

You can also bring your vehicle to Walla Walla Valley Honda instead for an expert oil change from the technicians at our body shop. You can schedule your appointment online, and, if you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, we’re happy to help with financing, too. Stop by our dealership or contact us online anytime!

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