Buying a used car is ideal for a middle ground between value and quality. When you choose a used car, it’s always important to inspect it carefully. We have a quick guide with important tips to consider when buying your next used car. College Place and Kennewick, WA car shoppers can learn a lot about used vehicle inspections from our handy tips. Keep reading to learn more.


Plan to see the car when daylight it at its peak and when there is no precipitation. Seeing the car in great sunlight will reveal dents, scratches, and dings that may not be easy to see otherwise. Wear clothing you don’t mind dirtying, so you can inspect all around the car carefully. Ask for the vehicle to not have been driven for over an hour before your visit.

Body Check

Check for the body condition to find rust, dings, and other markings. Panels should not be misaligned, and the whole body should have one consistent color. Bring a magnet with you to check for fillings around possible dents; the magnet won’t stick to certain parts of the car, if it has a filled dent. Consider that a used car may have some minor scratchings, so overlook those. The main focus is to check for rust all around the vehicle, including wheels and the bottom of doors.

It’s also best to open everything in the vehicle and see how the doors and windows open and close. Turn on all the lights, start the car up, and see where you can control your lights and other important features. Push down firmly on corners of the vehicle as well to see how they rebound. One take to bounce back up means it has great suspension and balance. In addition, make sure all the tires are the same and that they have great tread.

Interior Check

Make sure upholstery isn’t torn or has major damage. Move the driver’s seat in different positions to make sure it’s in good condition. Place a CD in the radio to see if it ejects easily, and check the radio station signal quality. Go to the trunk, and feel the carpet. If it feels wet, then the car may have a leaking issue.

Mechanical Check

Check the battery for a green indicator, which means good shape. Yellow or black indications are a bad sign, and will mean replacement. If unsure about the vehicle, then ask for a mechanic to perform a “load test.” Make sure the radiator doesn’t have green stains, which means leaking, and check that the fluid itself is green or orange but not rusty. Additionally, Hoses should feel firm but enough to bounce back.

Find Your Next Used Car at Walla Walla Valley Honda

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