There’s a number of things to think about when you how to test-drive a used car. This guide will show you how to test-drive a vehicle so you can make sure you are getting the right model for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the process of test-driving a used car in College Place.

1.   Do Your Research

You shouldn’t take a vehicle for a test-drive if it isn’t one you can’t afford. Make sure that all the vehicles you line up for a test-drive are within your budget. You also want to avoid falling for a vehicle that has problems or is too costly, so make sure to research, research, research.

2.   Is It a Good Fit?

Once you’ve picked out a vehicle you’d like to try, make sure to sit in it for a long while before you even begin the test-drive. Ask yourself, do I fit? Is it comfy? Is it easy to get in and out of? Also, sit in the backseat so you can make sure it’s a comfortable vehicle for your passengers as well.

3.   Check Your Gauges and Mirrors

Make sure to check and read all of the gauges and look at all the mirrors. Are the gauges easy to read? Can you see clearly out of the mirrors? If not, can you adjust them easily?

4.   Drive Like You Mean It

The dealership may ask you to drive along a predetermined route, but this is not likely to be an effective use of time during your test-drive. You should use the test-drive to used the car like you would on a normal day. If you do a lot of highway driving, then jump on the highway and take it up to a higher speed. Likewise, if you do a lot of starting and stopping, make sure you emulate this same pattern so you can truly see how the used car will perform day to day. Also, look for how the vehicle accelerates and brakes, as these are important features.

Come to Walla Walla Valley Honda to Test-Drive Used Cars

Now that you know how to test-drive a used car, come to our dealership today and we’ll put you behind the wheel of a model you’ll love. For more information about our vehicles or to take one for a spin, contact us online or call 509-593-4571. We look forward to putting our College Place customers behind the wheel of a top-notch used vehicle, so hurry on down today!

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