buying a carHaving a hard time deciding whether to buy a new car or a used car? College Place and Kennewick, WA drivers can come to Walla Walla Valley Honda to make the decision easier. We can show you many options at affordable prices. Before you visit us, we have some points to consider about new and used car ownership that you may want to consider. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits to buy both new and used vehicles.

New Cars

New cars allow you to customize your order by selecting trims, interior specs, and body colors. Brand new vehicles also don’t have the used car possibilities of minor dings, faded interior upholstery, and wear and tear overall. You are at a fresh start with a new vehicle, plus they come with a warranty provided by the manufacturer. In addition, if you are a tech fan then a new car is likely to have the latest bells and whistles you love.

Each year, safety demands increase, making vehicles safer as time progresses. A new car will be up-to-date with safety regulation features, which make it a great buy and a vehicle that offers peace-of-mind. You’ll also find that demands for a cleaner environment with fewer vehicle emissions work to your benefit in a new car. The latest cars have excellent fuel economy, and they are becoming more environmentally friendly.

Since vehicles are new, you pay a higher price than a used vehicle, also requiring more cash up front. Since new vehicles depreciate once they are driven off the dealership lot, you may not earn as much back as you originally paid. It is worth the time to see which cars hold their residual value best.

Used Vehicles

A used vehicle considers value with great quality, but consider that it’s still “used” and it is not likely to be as pristine as a new vehicle. As a result, used vehicles cost significantly less than a new vehicle, which makes it possible to find different grades of used models. When you insure your used vehicle, you are likely to pay less because of its condition and year. It’s always ideal to research insurance quotes for the vehicle you are interested in. Considering that the vehicle is used, you won’t be able to select the trims and options that came with the vehicle when it was new (depending on the vehicle year).

Walla Walla Valley Honda is Here to Help

Find your new or used car today at Walla Walla Valley Honda near College Place and Kennewick, WA. You can see our selection of vehicles online before visiting us to help with your decision or you can come down to our showroom and take a few for a spin. We hope you to see you soon!

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