Walla Walla Valley HondaDrivers throughout the Tri-Cities area often depend upon the advice of the Walla Walla Valley Honda team when comparing new vs. used cars in the Tri-Cities area. It’s an important decision, with strong draws on either side, but you can use this guide to help pick the best option.

The Advantages of Buying New

When drivers from Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland pick up a brand-new car, they receive it exactly the way they want it. While finding the right combination of options — not to mention your preferred interior and exterior colors — can be close to impossible when shopping used, your new model will tailor-made to exact specifications.

Additionally, available features will be cutting-edge. That doesn’t just mean the latest in terms of comfort and convenience — it also tends to mean improved safety ratings and lower fuel-consumption rates than older models. You’ll even get the best warranty when you buy new, and the car will have a clean history with no sign of wear or tear.

The cost, of course, will be greater, but drivers can weigh that against the fact that banks typically offer lower financing rates on new vehicles.

The Advantages of Buying Used

The most immediately obvious reason for going with a used car is cost. Pre-owned models will be less expensive, so you can either save that money or opt for a more attractive car that you couldn’t afford new. Additionally, the steepest depreciation rate happens within the first year of a vehicle’s life — that’s a sunk cost that you’ll mostly avoid when buying used.

Just as important as price is the range of choices that Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland drivers will enjoy. You might not be able to build the car from scratch, but you’ll have numerous model years and styles to choose from.

Once you’ve found the model for you, you might be surprised to learn that used vehicles are commonly less expensive to insure.

Learn More About New vs. Used Cars at Walla Walla Valley Honda

We boast one of the most comprehensive selections of new and used cars in the Tri-Cities area, so don’t hesitate to come down to Walla Walla Valley Honda in College Place, WA for more information.

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