Non-Commissioned Sales Staff


At most other car dealerships salespeople work on commission, making their income dependent on you spending the highest dollar amount possible. This puts customers and salespeople immediately at odds, as they both have to struggle against each other’s interests to get what they want.

That doesn’t sound like a fun, positive experience — so we want no part of it here at Walla Walla Valley Honda. By training and hiring non-commissioned Honda Product Specialists — who work on a salary and receive bonuses for customer satisfaction — we have aligned the interests of our staff with those of our customers.

Our staff’s only goal is to help you figure out which model fits your needs, as there is no motivation to force you into buying a more expensive car. Their only motivation is to achieve true customer satisfaction, since they receive a bonus if you’re happy with your car buying experience and your purchase.

Finally, car salespeople that are on your side!