When owning anything, there comes some degree of chance of it getting stolen. Even in sleepy towns where people typically leave their houses unlocked, there is risk.  Cars are no exception. Even if the theft isn’t the vehicle itself, there are items that thieves are likely to be drawn to.

Usually, the items swiped from cars are those that are small, easy to conceal, useful and/or easy to pawn or sell.  Car break-in has to be quick and almost seamless in today’s era of surveillance and technology.

Of course the typical credit/debit cards, checkbooks, shopping bags with new merchandise, tools, batteries or cash are not included in this list. Those are very obvious targets!

Here are the top 10 items most likely to be stolen from vehicles (Not in any particular order…)

  1. Music Players such as the car stereo, iPod’s, etc.
  2. Media Devices like handheld gaming systems, and cell phones
  3. Portable GPS systems
  4. Car Registration – This is especially dangerous considering it has personal information, like your address, on it and if the thief also takes your garage door opener or house key…
  5. Garage Door Opener or House Keys – A scary combination if the culprit also has your address from your registration.
  6. Third Row Seats
  7. Rims and Tires
  8. Truck Tailgate
  9. License Plate/Tags
  10. Catalytic Converters – An easy steal that yields a resell profit due to precious metals

There is no sure-fire way to prevent car theft from happening to you, but the best advice is to keep your vehicle locked and anything of value hidden. If there is no target to be seen, it is less likely anyone would want to bother with your ride.

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