The excitement of purchasing a new vehicle is usually overwhelming. From when you start the test drive, to figuring out the intricacies and features of your new ride right off the lot, you are bombarded by the feeling of elation in your purchase.  It isn’t until you take one last look in your rearview mirror, and spot your old ride sitting in it’s final resting place, that you realize it looks rather lonely.  You begin to reminisce about the adventures you had together, the good, bad and ugly. You take note on how all of the quirky imperfections that made your old car your signature, are now gone.  For a split second, you wonder if you made a mistake in trading in old reliable.  Yet, as soon as the dealership is out of view, you remember how fun your new vehicle is, and instead just hope the new owners of your old car treat it well.

Why do we feel anything at all?

For many, a car almost has a life of its own. The crumbs, stains and other miscellaneous components embedded into the carpets tell a story of memories. The story of how it was the first car you purchased on your own. The years you spent traveling to the barn every night after work and horse shows on the weekend.  The time you spent commuting hours away to a dream job.

It might seem odd to assign an almost human quality to an inanimate object, however it is not outside of the norm at all.  According to an AutoTrader survey, More than 70 percent of respondents feel “very attached” or “somewhat attached” to their cars, with 36 percent describing their vehicle as an “old friend” and more than a quarter saying they feel sad when they think about parting ways with it.

Dr. Michelle Callahan, a life coach and relationship expert quotes that the reason is “a car can become a significant emotional investment – it’s there with them for major milestones in their lives like weddings, new babies and graduations and it’s literally the ‘vehicle’ that makes being physically present in these moments possible.”

Car buying is a fun experience, even when it might be difficult to overcome the hurdle of letting go of your old car.  If it makes you feel any better, Walla Walla Valley Honda promises to take care of your old car, and find it a perfect new home.


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