When Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland drivers are looking for used vehicles, they’re often unsure of what used car questions they should ask. At Walla Walla Valley Honda, our team members can help find the right model for your budget and lifestyle, but if you’d like to make a start before visiting our showroom, just make sure you take the following points into consideration.

The Best Used Car Questions to Ask When Shopping

  • How many miles? Low mileage isn’t invariably better than high mileage. You should look at how many miles were driven each year. Long journeys undertaken each day are usually more beneficial for the powertrain than several short trips.
  • What equipment? Some features might be listed online, but it’s important to take the time to ask about all the basics, even if you think they go without saying. Things such as air conditioning and cruise control should be considered, but you should also ask about more integral systems, such as transmission type, and the vehicle’s comfort features, like upholstery and the sound system.
  • What condition? Ask broadly about the car’s condition, including whether there is anything specific you need to know. The seller may address something you wouldn’t have thought to check.
  • How are the body and interior? These could both be covered by your enquiry concerning the vehicle’s overall condition, but it’s best to ask specifically to make sure nothing is wrong. Do your best to find out whether there was any previous damage, including cosmetic or structural.
  • Any accidents? A minor ding isn’t much to worry about, but you should seriously consider walking away from a vehicle that was involved in a major crash. Ask whether any accidents have occurred, the extent of the damage, cost of repairs, and the shop that completed the work.
  • Any service records? A vehicle that was properly cared for should have had regular maintenance services performed. Ask to see any service receipts to ensure that consistent care was given to the vehicle.
  • Any recalls? Dealerships keep records on all safety-recall work performed on a vehicle. Ask to see them and enquire whether anything still needs to be done.

Come to Walla Walla Valley Honda to Ensure You Find the Right Answers

Your individual needs for a pre-owned vehicle will vary, but these common used car questions will help protect you from buying an unsuitable model. For more information, just contact Walla Walla Valley Honda to speak to one of our sales experts.

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