used car valueA constant worry for some of our College Place and Kennewick customers is whether their used car resale value will be as high as they hope. So what makes your vehicle hold its value? Keep reading to find out five important things that will help keep the value high when you go to sell your vehicle.

1. Exterior Condition

If you continually maintain the exterior of your vehicle with regular car washes and car wax, it’s likely that your car will continue to look great. People looking for used cars near Kennewick want it to look great so they feel like they are buying a new car. Therefore, one with rust or chips in the paint is less likely to hold its value, while one with a shiny coat of paint and no dents will likely have a much higher value.

2. Interior Condition

A shiny dent-free car wins over buyers at first glance, but it’s whats on the inside that really counts. Cars that have been driven by smokers or pet owners are less appealing, so it is important to have your car cleaned and detailed to keep odors away. Other tips to keep the interior condition at its best include buying rubber floor mats and using stain-resistant spray on your fabric seats.

3. Powertrain Condition

A used car shopper will be highly interested in how well you maintained the vehicle. Service records showing you got regular oil changes, tire rotations, and engine flushes will help persuade the buyer since they won’t have to guess about whether you took good care of the engine.

4. Low Mileage

If you can keep the mileage low on your vehicle, your used car resale value will benefit. Used car shoppers always look at the odometer to decide whether it’s worth their time to purchase the vehicle. A used car with a lot of mileage is likely to have more issues with the engine due to the stress it has been put through, so car buyers are less likely to buy vehicles with high mileage.

5. Brand

Some brands automatically hold their value longer — quality is important from the start, and Honda has a sterling reputation!

Find Top-Quality Used Cars Near College Place and Kennewick

College Place and Kennewick car shoppers can find top-quality used cars at Walla Walla Valley Honda. If you’re ready to sell your vehicle, you can always trade it in and before you come in you can value your trade online. If you have any other questions about used cars or anything else, send us a message online or call 509-593-4562. We hope to hear from you soon!

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