What is a tire rotation and what do tire rotations do? If you’re new to car maintenance you might have some questions about why we rotate tires. Getting a tire rotation is an important part of vehicle maintenance that helps to maintain traction, prevent blowouts, and even improve fuel economy. No matter if you’re behind the wheel of a new or pre-owned model, a honda tire rotation needs to be part of your regular maintenance. Find out more about this crucial maintenance task from the Walla Walla Valley Honda service center 

What Does Rotating Tires Mean?

So, what does rotating tires mean anyway? During this essential service, tires are moved from one position on a vehicle to another. In most cases, the front tires will move to the rear and the rear tires will move to the front. They might also change sides, so what was the rear left tire will end up as the front right tire.

Other Honda Tire Rotation Considerations

You know what a tire rotation is, but there are some additional points to keep in mind when performing a Honda tire rotation. These include:

  • The majority of vehicles carry more weight in the front, causing the front tires to wear out faster, but your vehicle’s drivetrain will also affect the wear rate for each tire.
  • An example of this is with front-wheel drive cars, power is sent to the front axle and wheels to produce forward motion. This means the front tires will wear faster than they would in rear-wheel, all-wheel, or four-wheel drive models.
  • This also means that your car’s drivetrain will impact the tire rotation pattern, in order to help ensure one or two tires don’t wear down faster than the others.

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

Even though you know what a tire rotation means, you may not fully understand what a tire rotation does. Having your tires rotated every several thousand miles will not only ensure your tires wear down evenly whether you have FWD, AWD, or RWD but also offer plenty of other benefits that will keep your vehicle running strong and protect you behind the wheel. These include:

  • Maintain Traction: Tires lose tread depth as they wear down. A loss of tread depth leads to reduced tractions, which can interfere with your ability to control the vehicle in challenging road conditions. Preventing uneven tire wear helps ensure that all tires have the same amount of tread.
  • Prevents Blowouts: As tires get more worn down, they are more likely to fail. If you’ve ever had one blow out as you drive, you’ll know how unpleasant and potentially dangerous it can be.
  • Improve Performance: When tires that have uneven wear are working together it can create a vibration that can eventually be felt through the steering wheel.
  • Maximize Efficiency: Worn tires create drag, placing a strain on the engine and increasing your fuel consumption.

Find Exceptional Honda Service at Walla Walla Valley Honda

Now that you know what is tire rotation, you can count on the tire center at Walla Walla Valley Honda which has certified technicians who can assess the condition of your tires and determine if it is time for a Honda tire rotation. Schedule your appointment today or contact us with your additional service questions, such as how to remove mold from your car or how to remove stickers from cars.

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