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We’ve got plenty of answers for when College Place and Kennewick drivers ask us, “Why Buy a Used Car?” Buying new comes with its own benefits, but many drivers don’t appreciate the outstanding advantages of picking up a used model. Here are just a few reasons why you might like to consider shopping for used cars in College Place.

Avoid Depreciation

A new car will cost more than its used equivalent, and that extra money will quickly go down the drain. That’s because new cars will depreciate in value by around 20% as soon as you drive them home, then by another 10% during the first year. That means that even a $20,000 car would typically lose around $6,000 worth of value. However, depreciation levels off after the first year, so buying an older model removes the worst of it.

Lower Your Insurance Rates

Everybody wants to find a way to lower their car insurance payments, and buying used is one of the best methods. Insurance covers the value of the vehicle, and a new car is worth more than an older one. This means it costs more per month for you to keep one covered.

Get More for Your Money

Used cars are less expensive than brand-new models. That means you can spend less, but you don’t have to. College Place and Kennewick drivers can also put that saved money towards the price of a model that they wouldn’t be able to afford if they bought it new.

Enjoy Total Peace of Mind

Too many drivers assume that buying a used model will leave them open to breakdowns and unexpected repair costs. That might be a risk if you buy from a private seller, but dealerships will have each vehicle thoroughly inspected by experienced on-site technicians, and you should get a vehicle history report to provide a comprehensive rundown of valuable information concerning your specific chosen model.

Find a Diverse Array of Used Cars at Walla Walla Valley Honda

So: why buy a used car? We’ve covered the main reasons, but we’ll be happy to discuss it with your further. If you’re interested in finding a used model, just check out the fantastic range available at Walla Walla Valley Honda, or contact one of our team members today for more information.

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  • Amanda Drew says:

    You make a good point that depreciation levels off after the first year so you can avoid that by getting a used one. I want to get a new (for me) car that will work better than what I have now. It seems like I’ll just need to find somewhere to get a used vehicle.